Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Subject Mater Expertise

Our trained and professional teachers are experts in these emerging courses and undergo continuous upskilling to bring the latest knowledge to the students.

Best across the globe

Our global teaching staff focuses on developing a student's interest in various STEM concepts - science, technology, engineering, mathematics.

Real Industry experience

Our teachers bring vast and rich industry experience, providing practical knowledge while conducting the courses.

We have highly experienced professional and motivational tutors, with degree and certification in professional teaching

For coding classes we have certified tutors with Industry experience across the world. Tutors are professionals who have worked with reputed IT companies, Banks, Consulting firms and are holding very good position in the firm. Their Expertise covers wide range of programming languages including R, Python, SAS, Java, C++, SQL, Database, AI/ML and Big Data Analytics expertise.

For Languages we have certified language teachers around the world. There are Native English/French/Spanish/Mandarin teacher. These Teachers have experience teaching in international schools. They not only deliver lectures but build society and team.