For Schools

For Schools

KEME EDU provides all the extracurricular activities required by the school under a single umbrella. The schools hugely benefit by collaborating with KEME EDU

Cutting edge courses

30+ Courses crafted to meet todays’ demands. We bring the best courses for schools at their doorstep via physical and e-learning. We keep introducing new courses based on market needs. By collaborating with KEME.Edu, schools can proudly add all these courses to their offerings.

Grab the great opportunity

Parents are continuously seeking for various extracurricular activities based on the vast interest areas of their kids and demands of today’s world. Why don’t we offer these courses right at their beloved school and create a key differentiator to stand out from the rest ?

Fully managed end to end courses

No need for the school to worry about preparing and upgrading the course content. KEME EDU does all that for you. Introducing new courses had never been easier !!

Experienced KEME EDU staff

We have 1000+ experiences teachers specializing in various courses across the globe and we ensure upskilling of our staff for the emerging courses.

Recognition for the school

Your students will participate in Inter School, Inter State and International competitions, scholarships and visit various countries. Let your students represent your esteemed school at national and international stage.

Get regular updates on students progress

While we ensure that students are engaged, learn, develop and progress in their subscribed courses, schools get all the updates on their progress at a click of a button.